Football Lays – Some Ideas For Beginners

If you are familiar with backing and laying in betting exchange sites, then you will no doubt at some point have looked at football lays as an opportunity to generate some healthy returns. It can, however, due to the huge number of options available, be difficult to know which type of lay to go for if you are to maximise your chances of success.
Remember that this principle of laying has been used by the bookmakers for years with great success. This is the first point which you must get into your mind, as the profitability of bookmakers is not in question, so the profitability of laying on betting exchanges should not be either. Think of it as an immediate psychological edge which you carry into any laying activities you involve yourself in.
With football, what you will be doing is to offer up an outcome which you think will not occur to backers who also share the same gambling platform. If you look at the football pages of Betfair, for example, you will see that this could be anything from win, lose or judi bola online draw, to how many corners there are in a particular game. The variations of lays are almost endless, especially considering just how many matches, in how many leagues, in how many countries, are played around the world on a weekly basis.
So what are the best lays to go for? This would very much depend on your level of expertise. If you know nothing about football, you would be better advised to go for a simple lay system which uses readily available statistics in order to make a decision. A good example of this is the ‘First Goal Odds’ market, which basically involves the layer offering up a bet to a backer that the first goal of a particular match will not be scored at a certain time of the game.
There are all manner of ways of approaching ‘First Goal Odds’, but a popular one is to examine the odds of a match and to find one where the teams are fairly evenly matched. You can find this on any bookmaker’s website by looking at the odds given to both teams prior to the game. Also, consider where the teams are in whichever league they play in. Ideally, for this approach, you would want to see them both in the bottom half. If these requirements are met, lay first goal odds of zero to ten minutes. What this means, is that you are saying that there will be no goal scored in the first ten minutes of the match.
Another common lay system which can bring decent returns is to work out the goal difference for both teams from the league table. This is often given, but is simply goals scored minus goals conceded. Once you have this information it is fairly simple to calculate the average goals difference per game by dividing your previous figure by the number of games that each team has played. When you have the average goal difference for each team, add these two figures together and use it as a guide to what a likely score margin will be in the match.
For example, if the home team has an average goal difference of +3 and the away team has an average goal difference of -1, work on a maximum difference in the final score as being +2. What you would now do is lay any correct score result which obviously does not fit this prediction. You may decide to lay 1-1, or 1-0, or 0-1, or 2-1, etc. Anything which does not fit the +2 average can be used as a good lay bet.
The trick is to always try these systems on paper without risking money until you get a feel for how they work. Basic systems can then be tweaked as things occur to you from the data that you gather. The above example, as you may have realised, has many options daftar dadu terpercaya available when it comes to lays, but you may opt to always lay results which are above the calculated score difference rather than below. Most importantly, remember to have fun!

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